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Employment Law & HR Support

"primus inter pares"

Employment Law Services

Contracts of Employment

Varying Terms of Employment

Managing Redundancy Issues

Ensuring Fair Dismissal

Conducting Disciplinary Hearings

Guidance on Grievance Procedures

Dealing with Unfair Dismissal Claims

Avoiding  Constructive Dismissal Claims

Handling Discrimination Claims

Avoiding Bullying & Harassment Claims

Managing Maternity & Paternity Leave

Managing Sickness & Health Issues

Managing Zero Hours Contracts

Avoiding Employment Tribunals

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Outsourced HR Services

Effective HR Policy Guidance

Creating Compliant Contracts of Employment

Creating a Company Handbook

Recruitment Guidance

Employee Grievance Issues

Ensuring Compliant Procedures

Avoiding Discrimination

Restructure & Redundancy

Managing Disability Policies

Low Employee Retention

Data Protection Issues

Pay & Benefits Policy

Disciplinary Investigations

Health & Safety Policies

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Flexible Services

On Line Support - Saves Cost

Qualified Legal Advice

HR & Employment Law Professionals

Personal Service

Local Support for Small & Medium Sized Business

Fast Response

Affordable Realistic Fees

Pay as you go Payment Options

Guaranteed No Hidden Costs

Fixed Costs for all Services

No Unexpected Charges

Cost Effective Services

No obligation estimates

FREE 30 min initial consultation

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