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Recovering Debt for Small Business

Tired of promised repayment?

Looking for experienced help?

Want your debts resolving quickly?

Unpaid invoices can hold severely damage your business, affecting your cash flow, creating uncertainty and potentially preventing payment of your staff or creditors, harming your reputation. Chasing customers, clients and companies who owe money can be time consuming, infuriating and costly.

Surrey Hills Paralegal employ a proactive approach to assist you in your debt recovery, allowing you to make an informed decision prior to issuing proceedings. We focus on resolving disputes at an early stage. We also have sufficient experience in litigation through the courts.

Sometimes writing a letter before action can focus the debtors mind leading to prompt payment, but if money isn’t forthcoming our team is experienced in ensuring payment and recovery of costs.

We can help with:

Pre-action collection

County Court proceedings

High Court enforcement

Winding up petitions