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Limited companies are the most common type of companies in the UK, and allow your business to exist as a separate legal entity to you as an individual.

When you form a limited company, you put a protective shield between you and your business. Being a sole trader is the opposite as you have no protection. As a sole trader, you are responsible for any debt you might come into while you’re in business.

When you register and become the director of your own limited company, you have less personal responsibility. The benefits are that you can claim back expenses, and add to your salary with dividend payments at the end of the year.

Most small companies in the UK are started by a single director without a complex share structure. For most people thinking about starting a company, many of the questions on a regular Company Formation application are irrelevant.

We only form the most commonly made type, so we can condense the formation process down  by setting you up as a single ordinary shareholder with one share (this has no correspondence with the value of your company).

We’ll also file you as the sole person of significant control (PSC). You can change this information and add more directors at any time after formation, but starting up in this way is the easiest and most time-efficient way of starting.

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