Surrey Hills Paralegal

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Employment Law & HR Support

"primus inter pares"

Why work with us?

Our fixed costs are easy to understand, and we will ensure that everything about the charges is explained to you in full prior to undertaking any work on your behalf.

We charge for our services on a pay as you go model, and we will agree and guarantee our costs before we commence work. 

Our work is done online with our clients which enables us to offer very competitive rates compared to conventional legal services operations.

Small & Medium Sized Business Focused

Full Employment Law Services

Locally Based Assistance

Online Services = Major Cost Saving

Experienced & Qualified Advisors

Free Initial Consultation

Guaranteed Fees

Fixed Cost Pricing

Dr Glenn Wylie - MBA, DBA, QinstPA

Senior Partner

"At Surrey Hills Paralegal we strive to provide affordable and professional services to local small and medium sized business. As most of our services are provided online and all of our fees are agreed in advance we offer our clients a very competitive and cost effective solution to Employment Law and HR issues. We also offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to understand how your issues can be resolved"